Storage and Packing Tips

Storage and Packing Tips

Preparing to move into a self storage unit? With storage tips from the experts at FreeUp Storage, you’ll be able to get the most out of your self storage unit. We’ve included our best storage tips, including how to pack your belongings for storage, how to organize your storage unit, and how to choose the right-size storage unit for your needs.

Packing Tips

Use Protective Covers for Furniture

If you’re planning to store furniture items, be sure to use protective covers to prevent scrapes, tears, scuffs, and other damages. Plastic wrap can help protect sofas, wooden furniture, and even mattresses.

Cushion Delicate Items

Glass and other fragile items such as vinyl records, ceramics, sculptures, and framed photos require extra care. Start by wrapping fragile items in a layer of bubble wrap, then use packing peanuts or air pillows for an extra layer of protection. Avoid packing delicate items with heavy items and group fragile items together. Be sure to use a Sharpie or stick-on label to label boxes of fragile items so your moving team will know to be gentle.

Store Clothing Carefully

When storing clothing, take the following steps to ensure your clothes stay in great condition while in storage:
  • Hang formal clothing and items made of silk, satin, and linen.
  • Place hanging items in a garment bag to protect them.
  • Opt to roll casual clothing like T-shirts, as folding can leave creases.
  • Use airtight plastic containers for folded clothes to prevent moisture.

How To Organize a Storage Unit

Place Frequently Used Items in the Front

While packing your storage unit, put items you plan on retrieving soon in the front of your unit. This way, you’ll be able to find these items quickly and easily.

Store Heaviest on Bottom, Lightest on Top

A key step to arranging your storage unit is to pack in a way that prevents potential damage. Put heavy items, like boxes of kitchenware or appliances, on the floor of your storage unit. Stack boxes of lighter and fragile items on top of the heavier items. Not only will stacking from heavy to light protect your belongings, but it’ll also be easier to lift and retrieve boxes.

Use All Vertical Space

One of the most common mistakes people make when packing their storage unit is not using all the vertical space available. By stacking items vertically, you can make the most of your storage unit’s space.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

While you’re planning to rent a self storage unit, consider whether or not you’ll need a climate-controlled unit, which shields items from extreme heat, freezing temperatures, or even sudden changes in temperature. Rent climate-controlled storage if you plan on storing:
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather items
  • Cosmetics
  • Vinyl records
  • Musical instruments

Picking Your Storage Unit Size

Deciding which size storage unit you need can be challenging, especially when FreeUp’s storage facilities offer so many options. Make a list of the items you plan on storing, then use our size guide to input all your items and find the best storage unit size.

Rent Self Storage With FreeUp

Ready to put our tips into practice? Rent one of FreeUp’s convenient, secure self storage units today. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes, as well as RV, boat, and vehicle storage options. Whether you need residential storage for home goods or commercial storage for your business, FreeUp has you covered. Start by finding a location for storage near you. Then select the storage you need and follow the online prompts to rent online. If you need more assistance, feel free to fill out a contact form or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.