Moving and Packing Supplies from FreeUp Storage

When you rent a unit from FreeUp Storage, you give yourself far more than just storage space. We strive to provide all of our customers with a high-quality storage experience at every point in the process, from unit selection to move-in day and beyond. That’s why many of our facilities sell moving and packing supplies for streamlined and stress-free storage. Take advantage of all the features and amenities FreeUp offers to make the most of your storage space without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Available Dollies and Carts to Help You Move

Whether you're moving furniture, heavy boxes, or delicate items, our thoughtfully curated range of dollies and carts is designed to cater to various needs. These reliable tools not only make the moving process smoother but also alleviate the physical strain of transporting belongings. Dollies and carts are borrowed on a first-come-first-serve basis, so ask your local facility manager about their availability.

Boxes and Packing Materials

Ensure the safety of your belongings with our top-quality boxes and packing materials. With various box sizes and durable packing materials, we provide everything you need to protect your possessions during transit and storage. Are you looking for a safe way to store your more delicate items? Read our guides on storing photographs and the do’s and don’ts of self storage to learn about the best packing materials and techniques to preserve the quality of your belongings.

Locks to Secure Your Unit

Your peace of mind is our priority, which is why we offer our customers locks to secure their storage units. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring your own lock, but we want to make sure everyone is able to give their unit the best level of security possible. Our disc locks with hardened bolts are an ideal choice for storage units, so buy one from our facility to give your belongings the added layer of protection they deserve.

Get all the Storage Tools You Need From FreeUp:

Visit a FreeUp Storage facility near you to explore our full range of moving and packing supplies. Our storage resources don’t stop there, though. Visit the FreeUp Storage blog and our self storage size guide to help you find the unit that perfectly fits your belongings and needs along with tips from our storage experts to help you maximize the usefulness of your space. Our team is ready to help you make your storage journey convenient and stress-free. Contact FreeUp Storage today to get started!