Using Self Storage for Overflow Inventory and Expansion Plans

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A cart piled high with boxes sits in a storage facility surrounded by red units.

Expanding your business is easier said than done. For greener companies that aren’t yet Fortune 500s, you may lack the resources to lease a warehouse or custom-build a commercial space. While this may seem like a roadblock to growth, the solution is simple and likely right down the street from you. With over 52,000 storage facilities nationwide, self storage for businesses and inventory can be a handy resource when seeking support for expansion initiatives. But how can you benefit from the commercial storage solutions offered at these facilities? Read on as we dive into how business self storage can be a flexible, cost-effective solution for managing overflow inventory and accommodating growth for your business. Storage Shouldn’t Be Set in Stone It may seem odd at first to entrust an external company with storage for business equipment. Why not allocate your resources to acquire a warehouse instead? For starters, expanding business storage is just that—expanding. It can be difficult to project just how much your company will grow and how much more storage capacity you will need down the road. While whatever facility you custom build may seem huge initially, outgrowing it before you have the resources to find more room would be a costly mistake. Not only are self storage facilities affordable, but they are notoriously non-committal. Many self storage companies rent their units on a month-to-month basis so their clients aren’t tied down to lengthy leases if they need to move or gain additional space. The national average monthly cost for storage unit rentals is around $185, which includes units of all sizes and climate-controlled storage. Because you’d only be paying for the space you need, your growing business can dodge having to worry about any long-term costs that come with property management, maintenance, and taxes. An Airtight Spot for Overflow Inventory When it comes to overflow inventory storage, you want something that will ebb with the industry's tides. It is essential to your growing business that your expanding capacity meets demand, and ...

June 1st, 2024

Spin It Right: How To Store Your Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records have returned to popularity, and collectors are trying to find the best way to preserve these cherished items. Records represent an investment and a deep personal connection to music and artists. Proper vinyl record storage is crucial to maintaining your vinyl's integrity and sound quality. By taking the appropriate steps to preserve vinyl records, you can continue to listen to your collection forever. Dive into the world of vinyl record storage with expert tips on properly maintaining and storing your cherished collection. From climate-controlled information to storage solutions, this blog offers essential guidance to ensure your vinyl records remain pristine for years. Vinyl Record Care Before considering storage solutions, it's essential to understand the basics of vinyl record care and maintenance. Vinyl is susceptible to damage, heat, and pressure, which can all degrade its quality. Care tips include handling vinyl with clean hands, playing it on a well-maintained turntable, and keeping it away from direct sunlight. Each time you play a vinyl, the record wears down slightly. Ensuring the player's needle is clean and sharp minimizes this effect. Vinyl Record Organization Tips Ensuring the safety of your vinyl record collection through proper organization is essential to keeping your prized possessions in good condition. Categorizing The first step to organizing your vinyl collection is categorizing each album. You can categorize your collection based on genre, artist, or era. Try the system that works best for your personal preferences. This type of organizing can make finding and enjoying your records easier. Cataloging If you have an extensive collection, consider cataloging your vinyl using a website or a phone app like Discogs. A digital record can help you keep track of what you own, its condition, and its value. This can be invaluable if you sell your collection or individual records. Vinyl Record Maintenance Tips Regularly maintaining your vinyl can keep them in good condition for years. Without vinyl record maintenance, your records could sustain damage more quickly and develop wear and tear over time. Regular Cleaning Cleaning your vinyls ...

May 1st, 2024

Practical Downsizing Tips for Seniors: Simplifying the Transition to a Smaller Space


For many retirees, seniors, and empty nesters, downsizing from a beloved family home to a smaller, more manageable space can be daunting. Sifting through decades of memories and possessions can present emotional and logistical challenges. However, downsizing your home can also be a liberating step that enhances one's quality of life, safety, and financial well-being. This comprehensive guide is designed to help seniors, retirees, and empty nesters transition smoothly to a more compact living situation by providing downsizing advice and effective downsizing strategies. Crafting Your Downsizing Plan A smooth transition when downsizing your home hinges on detailed planning and a systematic strategy, making these steps essential. Still, it can sometimes be challenging to know where to begin. But don’t worry. With careful preparation and an organized process, you can learn how to create the ideal foundation for stress-free downsizing. The Early Stages of Downsizing Begin by creating a timeline that provides ample time to sort through belongings, repair your current home, and find the ideal new abode. Starting early ensures the process is gradual and less overwhelming. Building a Support System Enlist the help of family members, friends, or professional organizers who can offer emotional support and practical assistance throughout the downsizing process. Consider this an opportunity to bond over family heirlooms and shared memories. Financial Considerations Analyze the costs associated with your current home and the projected expenses of alternative living arrangements. Downsizing can be a smart financial move, freeing up equity for retirement or other investments. Room-by-Room Downsizing Guide Navigating every room of your home efficiently with clear intention and purpose is vital for streamlining the downsizing process and ensuring a smooth shift to your new living space. Bedroom Conversion Select a few favorite pieces of furniture and decorations that represent the essence of your style. Luxuries such as an adjustable bed or a cozy reading nook can be implemented in your new space, while the rest can be thoughtfully repurposed or passed on. Kitchen Elegance In the kitchen, selectively pare down belongings to essentials, opting for versatile items serving multiple functions. This ...

April 3rd, 2024

What Is Included With My Storage Rental?

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For many people, including small business owners and homeowners, renting a storage unit can be the ideal solution to the ongoing battle against clutter, enabling a more organized and spacious living or work environment. But beyond a room with four walls, do you know what you're getting when renting a storage unit? This comprehensive guide breaks down the hidden perks and essential offerings you should expect with your storage rental. What Amenities Are Included With My Storage Unit? You might be surprised to learn that your storage unit is more than just a place to stash your belongings. Modern storage facilities offer a range of amenities, like easy online payment options, to make your storage experience efficient, comfortable, and secure. Climate-Controlled Storage One of the most significant amenities for any storage renter is climate control. Whether you're storing sensitive documents, antique electronics, leather goods, or wood furniture, a stable environment with controlled temperature and humidity can protect your items from damage caused by extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage units maintain a consistent internal environment, minimizing the risk of mold, mildew, rust, and other forms of deterioration. Carts and Dollies Provided at the Facility Moving heavy or bulky items on your own can feel daunting. Fortunately, FreeUp Storage offers complimentary carts and dollies to help you transport your items from your vehicle to your unit. These tools can save time and prevent physical strain, especially when navigating an extensive storage facility. Drive-Up Access Storage Units For the ultimate convenience, FreeUp Storage offers drive-up storage units. These units allow you to access your items without entering the facility, which is incredibly useful while moving homes. It's your own personal loading dock, making the storage process more straightforward and less labor-intensive. What Size Storage Unit Do I Need? When deciding on the storage unit size you need, you must know the number and nature of the items you need to store. Here are general guidelines for different unit sizes and what they can accommodate. 5x5 Storage Units Roughly the size of a small ...

March 1st, 2024

A Vacationer’s Guide to Jones Lake: Black Diamond’s Hidden Gem

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A roadside welcome to Washington, the Evergreen State sign.

Nestled away in the enchanting woodlands of Washington State lies a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The serene Jones Lake sits at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Jones Lake offers a diverse range of adventures in this slice of the Pacific Northwest, from tranquil hikes through towering forests to the thrill of fishing in various serene waters. This Jones Lake vacation guide is your ticket to unlocking the treasure of the Black Diamond area, with tips and insights into top fishing spots, boating activities, camping retreats, and nature trails to make your vacation unforgettable. Location and Accessibility Geographical Details Jones Lake is a natural jewel in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, near the charming town of Black Diamond, Washington. The lake is known for its stunning emerald waters, which mirror the evergreen trees that line its shores. With an elevation of over 650 feet, the area boasts year-round beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation in Black Diamond, WA. How To Get There The most common entry point to Jones Lake is from Highway 169, offering a picturesque drive through the wilderness. Visitors traveling from Seattle will find themselves 47 miles southeast of the bustling city, a convenient distance for a day trip or weekend escape. The closest urban spot, Renton, acts as a gateway to the outdoor paradise and a starting point for a leisurely hourlong drive to the lake. Activities and Attractions Hiking Trails For those passionate about exploration, Jones Lake is the central spot for many nature trails in and around the Black Diamond area. The Franklin Ghost Town Trail is ideal for a quick 47-minute adventure, leading to a viewpoint that provides a breathtaking panorama of the lush trees, babbling river, and surrounding peaks. Meanwhile, the trailhead of the 3.7-mile Tribulation to Revival to Exodus Loop provides an immersive experience of the local flora and fauna. Other nature trails great for strolls or runs include: Lake Sawyer Trail. This trail is 2.1 miles with a 131-foot elevation gain, an estimated 44-minute hike. Trail difficulty is easy. Cedar River ...

February 5th, 2024

Louisville Self Storage for Students: Decluttering Your Dorm Room

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If you're a student living in a small space without room for dorm room organization, clutter can easily accumulate, making it hard to concentrate on your studies. For students, self storage services like FreeUp Storage on Aiken Road in Louisville, KY, offer convenient and affordable options. In this blog post, we'll look at how FreeUp Storage can help you and give you practical Louisville student tips for dorm room decluttering. It's easy to move around and study when you store seasonal items, extra furniture, and belongings that aren't needed daily. You can say goodbye to the cramped living space and welcome a well-organized and spacious dorm room with Louisville self storage services. Benefits of Student Storage Create More Space in Small Dorm Rooms There's a lot of clutter and chaos in dorms because they're so small. Thankfully, self storage is a simple solution and provides additional space. If you store less frequently used stuff, you'll have a bigger dorm room, which will be easier to navigate and keep clean. Use vertical storage with shelves or hanging organizers to save floor space in your living area. You can also keep things organized and accessible by investing in storage containers that fit under the bed or neatly stack in corners. Use these space-saving techniques to turn your cramped dorm room into a functional and roomy oasis. Easy Access to Belongings When Needed Students no longer have to worry about accessing their belongings when renting self storage with FreeUp Storage. University and college campuses like the University of Louisville ShelbyHurst Campus are close to our facilities. Self storage makes retrieving seasonal clothes, textbooks, or personal belongings simple. With flexible hours of operation, you can recover your belongings at a time that suits your schedule. No more digging through cluttered dorm rooms, as well-organized units and secure access make finding items easy. You'll be happy knowing your stuff is accessible whenever you need it. Secure Storage Options It's a top priority at FreeUp Storage to help keep your belongings secure. With advanced security features, ...

January 31st, 2024

Why You Should Prioritize Climate-Controlled Storage in the Winter

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 A series of self storage units lining an indoor hallway

As the winter chill sets in and the temperatures drop, it's not only our bodies that feel the effects of the cold—our belongings can also suffer. If you're considering storing your items during the winter months, it's essential to understand the importance of choosing climate-controlled storage. FreeUp Storage is here to explain why climate-controlled storage should be your top choice when it comes to protecting your belongings from the harsh winter weather. Discover how these specialized storage units can protect belongings, prevent damage, and provide the ideal environment for your possessions, ensuring they remain in good condition during the cold season. The Harsh Reality of Winter Storage When winter arrives, many of us face the need to store items like furniture, electronics, clothing, or sensitive documents. Whether you're moving to a new location or simply decluttering your home, proper winter storage is essential to preserving your possessions. While any self storage is better than no storage, opting for climate control might give you some additional peace of mind. Climate-Controlled Storage: Your Best Winter Storage Solution If you want to protect your belongings from the adverse effects of winter, climate-controlled storage is the way to go. Unlike traditional storage units, climate-controlled options offer a controlled environment where temperature and humidity levels are regulated year-round. Here's why you should prioritize climate-controlled storage during the winter. Prevent Damage Caused by Extreme Temperatures Extreme cold can cause a variety of problems for your belongings. For instance, wooden furniture can warp, crack, or split when exposed to freezing temperatures. Delicate electronics can become damaged as well. LCD screens and batteries are particularly vulnerable. In contrast, a climate-controlled storage unit keeps the temperature within a range that is safe for your items, typically between 55° F and 85° F. This steady environment of temperature-controlled storage prevents the expansion and contraction of materials due to temperature fluctuations, ultimately safeguarding your possessions from winter-related damage. Prevent Damage Caused by Changes in Humidity Another crucial factor in winter storage is ...

December 27th, 2023

How To Prepare Your Garden for Winter

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As the crisp air and falling leaves signal the approach of winter, it's time for gardeners to shift their focus from the vibrant colors of summer to the preparation and care of their gardens for the colder months ahead. Preparing your garden for winter is essential to ensuring that your plants survive the frost and snow, only to emerge stronger and more vibrant in the spring. In this comprehensive guide, FreeUp Storage will explore the various aspects of winter garden preparation, offering winter gardening tips and techniques to help you nurture your garden through the chilly season. Winter Garden Preparation Before diving into the specifics, let's discuss the overarching principles of winter garden preparation. The goal is to create a resilient environment that protects your plants from the harsh conditions of winter while also providing the best conditions for their survival. Here's how to prepare your garden for winter: Clean Up Your Garden for Winter The first step is to clean up your garden for winter by removing any debris, fallen leaves, and dead plants. Removing these materials not only improves the appearance of your garden but also helps prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Be sure to also clean and store your garden tools properly to ensure they'll be ready for use when spring arrives. Amend Garden Soil for Winter Healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving garden. Before winter sets in, amend your garden soil by adding organic matter such as compost. This not only enriches the soil but also helps it retain moisture during the dry winter months. Ensure the pH levels are appropriate for the plants you want to grow in the spring. Prune Garden Plants for Winter Pruning is an essential winter gardening tip. Trim back any dead or overgrown branches and remove any diseased foliage to prevent the spread of diseases during winter. Be cautious when pruning, as improper cuts can damage your plants. Mulch Garden Beds for Winter Mulching is a key technique in ...

December 27th, 2023

How To Store Your Christmas Decorations

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Close-up of festive Christmas decorations

Nothing makes it feel more like the holidays than Christmas decorations! But that joy comes with a cost, as anyone who has ever done their own Christmas decorating knows. Once the holiday season ends, you have countless garlands, wreaths, ornaments, lawn décor, and a Christmas tree to pack away for another year. So what’s the solution? If you’re looking for Christmas decoration storage ideas, you can count on FreeUp Storage for some helpful tips. Read on to learn how we tackle Christmas decoration organization and storage head-on! Keep Track of All Your Christmas Decorations The first rule of Christmas decoration storage is to keep track of everything. The more you understand what you have, the better prepared you are to take care of your decorations. Treat decorating for the holidays like a moving day and take an inventory of everything you have, from the tiniest snowman statue to the over-the-door you’ve passed down for generations in your family. Having an inventory of your Christmas decorations will also give you a better idea of what your storage needs are for after the holidays. Store Similar Christmas Decorations Together If you’re looking for an ornament, you probably won’t search in the box labeled “Christmas lights,” right? It may seem silly, but when you’re scrambling to get your Christmas decorations put away before Valentine’s Day hits because you’ve been procrastinating, it’s tempting to stuff anything wherever it fits. Save yourself from the frustration next year and store similar Christmas ornaments and other décor in the same containers. Make Tissue Paper Your Best Friend for Ornament Storage Things can get bumped and jostled while they’re in storage, and that’s why tissue paper, Bubble Wrap, or newspaper will be your best friend for ornament storage. You don’t have to wrap your ornaments in layers and layers of protection necessarily, but one or two wrappings can help give you some peace of mind. Additionally, you can gently ball up or scrunch ...

December 27th, 2023

Protecting Your Precious Instruments With FreeUp Storage

Instruments are more than just possessions for musicians—they're extensions of who they are. FreeUp Storage offers a solution to the problem of storing your instruments when they're not in use, whether you're a professional musician or enjoy playing as a hobby. With FreeUp Storage, you can store instruments safely and ensure they last a lifetime without worrying about theft. With FreeUp Storage, you'll have access to climate-controlled units and top-notch security features in secure facilities with sentimental and financial value for your instruments. Whether you're a devoted enthusiast or a professional musician, you can rest assured that your instruments are in good hands with FreeUp Storage. Matching Instrument Requirements With FreeUp Storage Solutions It's essential to evaluate your instrument storage needs before you start. Each instrument has unique requirements, like temperature and protection from the elements. When deciding which storage solution is correct, consider your instruments and their specific needs. With a wide array of options, including climate-controlled units, security features, and various unit sizes, FreeUp Storage caters to instruments of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have temperature-sensitive instruments requiring climate-controlled units or valuable instruments requiring enhanced security measures, FreeUp Storage can help. Using FreeUp Storage solutions, you can rest assured that your instruments will be well preserved for years. Preparing Your Instruments for Storage Keeping your instruments in good shape and longevity involves appropriately preparing them for storage. Clean each instrument thoroughly, meticulously removing dust, dirt, and residue. Ensure good instrument care when disassembling larger instruments or those with detachable parts, and pack each piece securely to prevent instrument damage. You can protect instruments against scratches, dents, and pressure points with high-quality packaging materials like padded cases, instrument wraps, or protective covers. You can keep your instruments in peak condition until you retrieve them by following these cleaning, disassembling, and packaging tips. Exploring FreeUp Storage Options for Instrument Safety FreeUp Storage understands the diverse needs of instrument storage, so we offer a range of storage unit options that meet your needs. When picking a ...

October 16th, 2023

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