Using Self Storage for Overflow Inventory and Expansion Plans

Self Storage

June 1st, 2024

A cart piled high with boxes sits in a storage facility surrounded by red units.
Expanding your business is easier said than done. For greener companies that aren’t yet Fortune 500s, you may lack the resources to lease a warehouse or custom-build a commercial space. While this may seem like a roadblock to growth, the solution is simple and likely right down the street from you. With over 52,000 storage facilities nationwide, self storage for businesses and inventory can be a handy resource when seeking support for expansion initiatives. But how can you benefit from the commercial storage solutions offered at these facilities? Read on as we dive into how business self storage can be a flexible, cost-effective solution for managing overflow inventory and accommodating growth for your business.

Storage Shouldn’t Be Set in Stone

It may seem odd at first to entrust an external company with storage for business equipment. Why not allocate your resources to acquire a warehouse instead? For starters, expanding business storage is just that—expanding. It can be difficult to project just how much your company will grow and how much more storage capacity you will need down the road. While whatever facility you custom build may seem huge initially, outgrowing it before you have the resources to find more room would be a costly mistake. Not only are self storage facilities affordable, but they are notoriously non-committal. Many self storage companies rent their units on a month-to-month basis so their clients aren’t tied down to lengthy leases if they need to move or gain additional space. The national average monthly cost for storage unit rentals is around $185, which includes units of all sizes and climate-controlled storage. Because you’d only be paying for the space you need, your growing business can dodge having to worry about any long-term costs that come with property management, maintenance, and taxes.

An Airtight Spot for Overflow Inventory

When it comes to overflow inventory storage, you want something that will ebb with the industry's tides. It is essential to your growing business that your expanding capacity meets demand, and having enough storage to do so is imperative. Self storage facilities are popular for manufacturers and retailers looking to securely and efficiently store excess inventory. Whether you’re looking for a small room to stash some extra boxes or an expansive warehouse to stock vast amounts of product reserves, self storage facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes to ensure you can quickly and easily find a space that will be ideal for your needs. Renting self storage for retailers will also give peace of mind regarding security, as many facilities offer amenities like 24/7 video surveillance, electronic access, and alarm systems. These
buildings have been fortified with tried-and-true defense methods to give clients the best protection possible, so you can rest easy knowing the safekeeping of your business storage is of the utmost importance to the people watching over it.

Preservation for Your Most Sensitive Storage

Depending on the materials of your items, they may need additional protection that may not initially occur to you, even in the most secure of warehouses. Whether your business is located in the dead of the desert, a frozen tundra, or in the balance of the four seasons, the weather can have unforeseen effects on indoor storage if it is not adequately housed. Many storage facilities around the country offer climate-controlled storage, which keeps your things within a consistent temperature range year-round. For those looking to avoid warped wood and faded forms, here are some items that should be stored in climate-controlled storage that may impact your storage solution decision as a business.
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Papers, including documents, records, artwork, and photographs
  • Wooden furniture
  • Media, including DVDs, vinyl records, and video
  • Clothing, including lace, leather, and linens
  • Musical instruments
  • Upholstery
  • Chemical products, including cleaning supplies, makeup, toiletries, and raw materials
Aside from shielding excess inventory from the elements, climate-controlled storage for business equipment can help keep summers cool and winters warm in storage facilities, as extreme temperatures can tamper with mechanics and cause them to malfunction. Proactively storing your business’s belongings in temperature-controlled spaces will help you in the long run.

Trust Self Storage Facilities With Your Business Expansion Storage

Utilizing self storage facilities can be an incredibly strategic way to optimize your business’s operational efficiency and cut costs, allowing you to focus on growing and expanding to reach your company’s objectives without clutter filling up your workplace. These self storage companies have fine-tuned their facilities based on how to best accommodate storage of all quantities and varieties while prioritizing secure methods of safekeeping.

Grow Your Business With the Help of FreeUp Storage

FreeUp Storage operates high-quality storage facilities in locations across the country. From small startups to rapidly growing businesses, we offer a range of flexible and secure business expansion storage solutions. If you want climate-controlled units, drive-up access, or extended
access hours, we provide a broad range of amenities at all our locations so we can tailor your storage experience to match your vision. Contact us today to get started on finding a storage solution that will work for you, and we’ll show you how to optimize resources best so you can meet your goals.