Is Self Storage Right For You?

Self Storage

FreeUp Storage
January 1st, 2023

You know renting a storage unit is an option, but is it the right one for you or your business? If you fall into one of the below categories then the answer is yes.

You need to get organized.

Clutter is more than an eyesore. It has the potential to negatively impact memory, focus, sleep patterns, energy levels, and overall mental health, meaning that when our space is a mess, we’re a mess. Declutter by moving excess inventory, seasonal decor, sporting equipment, or other items you don’t need on hand into a storage unit near you.

You need to FreeUp space.

Sure, growth is exciting, but if you start to feel like you’ve run out of room at the office or like you’ve outgrown your current living space, it’s time to consider self storage. With a storage unit, you can reclaim a space previously overrun by home goods or office supplies and put it to good use. An added bonus? With the security that storage facilities offer, you can rest easy knowing your items are safe.

You need to stay on budget.

Speaking of outgrowing your space, we know if that’s the case then you’ve likely considered buying a bigger home or leasing a larger office. The problem? Cost. Make sure when you move into a larger space that it’s planned and on your terms, and in the meantime stay on budget with self storage!

You need a flexible solution.

Scared of getting locked into a long term contract? Never fear. FreeUp Storage facilities offer month-to-month leasing options regardless of your intent to rent long or short term, so flexibility is guaranteed.
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