Top 8 Tips For Protecting & Storing Furniture

Self Storage

January 13th, 2023

Storing furniture in a storage unit can be a great way to free up space in your home or keep valuable pieces safe. However, it's important to store furniture in a way that will protect it from damage and make it easy to access when you need it. Here are a few tips for storing furniture in your storage unit:
  1. Clean and protect: Clean your furniture before placing it in storage. Dust and wipe down surfaces to prevent dirt and grime from building up. Use furniture covers, or plastic wrap to protect your furniture from dust and scratches.
  2. Disassemble large items: Large items such as beds, dressers, and tables can take up a lot of space. Consider disassembling these items and storing the parts in labeled bags or boxes. This will save space and make it easier to move the items in and out of the storage unit.
  3. Use furniture pads and blankets: Furniture pads and blankets will protect your furniture from scratches, dings and dirt. Use them to wrap your furniture and keep it clean and in good condition while in storage.
  4. Place furniture on pallets: Keep your furniture off the ground by placing it on pallets. This will help prevent moisture damage and protect your furniture from any pests that might be present in the storage unit.
  5. Arrange the items wisely: Place larger items at the back of the unit, and smaller items in front. This will make it easier to access your furniture and will also keep your unit more organized.
  6. Make use of vertical space: Make use of vertical space by stacking items, where possible. This will help to maximize the amount of space you have in your unit and make it easier to access your furniture.
  7. Use wardrobe boxes: Use wardrobe boxes to store hanging clothes, this will protect your clothes from creases, dust and allow them to hang.
  8. Store Furniture in its original packaging: If your furniture came in its original packaging, keep it in it. This will provide extra protection and make it easy to identify which pieces belong together.
By following these tips, you can ensure that your furniture is stored in a way that will protect it from damage and make it easy to access when you need it. It's important to take the time to properly prepare your furniture before storing it, this will save you time and money in the long run.

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