Business Storage Units

A growing business often needs additional space for things like equipment, inventory, documents, and materials. A business storage unit or commercial storage unit can help businesses optimize their workspace, improve organization, and ultimately enhance overall efficiency. There are unique advantages for using a self storage unit for business needs, including saving money. Renting a storage unit instead of an office is often more cost-effective because renting a commercial space typically comes with higher costs, like utilities and expensive insurance. In addition, storage units provide greater flexibility because of its short-term rental agreements. Unlike leasing a space that involves long-term contracts, you can make changes whenever you need when you rent a business storage unit. FreeUp Storage is proud to offer convenient storage solutions to rent at an affordable price. We have units in various sizes that can fit small items like tools to even more oversized items such as remodeling supplies and furniture. Our units can benefit any business from any industry.

Business Self Storage Features

You should start renting a storage unit with us at FreeUp Storage for many reasons. We offer storage units in many sizes! You can choose from small to big—whatever fits your storage needs best. We also have other features and amenities, including:

  • Climate-controlled storage units. With our units in a temperature-controlled environment all year round, your items can avoid damage caused by extreme weather conditions.
  • Drive-up storage units. Like a home garage, outdoor storage units with drive-up access provide great convenience due to their accessibility. Drive-up units allow you to pull your vehicle right up to the unit to easily load and unload.
  • Vehicle storage. Ensure your company vehicles are kept secure when not in use. With outdoor and covered options available, we have the business vehicle storage solution for you.
  • 24-hour video surveillance. Your items are secure with us as we have state-of-the-art video cameras, coded gate entry, bright facility lights, and perimeter fencing.
  • Month-to-month rentals. We’re flexible with whatever storing situation you’re in, so don’t worry about renting for too long or too short with us. We want you to be able to rent for as long or short as you need to.
  • Online payments. Pay from anywhere and anytime, thanks to our online payment system! It is there for you at your convenience, and we also have autopay available.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Self Storage?

It isn’t uncommon for growing business owners to run out of space at some point. Whether you’re a small business, a large business, an e-commerce company or a home stager, businesses from all types of industries use and enjoy self storage!!

Storage Units for E-commerce

Having an online business means you risk some free space in your home for the necessary equipment and supplies. But there’s no need for that—we have you covered in your entrepreneurial venture! We have units in all sorts of sizes that can fit your needs. Whether it’s a surplus of materials or equipment that’s a hassle to have at home, you can store it with us.

Storage Units for Local Contractors

A toolbox can only fit so much, but our storage units can do more. You can keep any extra tools or equipment with us until you need them for your next project! We have enough space to fit any remodeling supplies or other essentials your space can’t hold. Maximize your space by renting a unit with us.

Storage Units for Restaurants and Catering

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to more space! It’s essential to decorate for the holidays, but how important is it to hold onto them in your office until you use them next year? While you wait, why not store them with us? It makes more room in your office to hold essential documents and supplies instead of a Christmas tree.

Storage Units for Realtors, Home Stagers, and Designers

Selling a home is difficult, especially when rearranging furniture to make it look nice. If a piece of furniture doesn’t match a customer’s living space idea, leave it with us in one of our storage units! You can always set it aside until you want it for the next home you sell.

Business Self Storage Near You

Self storage is a valuable business asset. While your business may grow, your space can’t. Maximize your space and business with us by renting a storage unit at FreeUp Storage. We can do whatever it takes for you to have the room you need when working, like if you need to take things out when renovating an office or need somewhere to put all the extra supplies your building is hoarding. Get your business involved with self storage today!